Welcome to Luck of the Draw, A Non Smoking Vacation
Rental -
A PRIVATE HOME located on the South Fork of
the Guadalupe River and surrounded by beautiful 6
acres of natural habitat.
Approximately 9 miles w
est of Hunt, TX on Highway 39.

Our vacation rental  is  really our second  home. Located in a
canyon on the shallow headwaters of the Guadalupe River, this one
story, wheelchair accessible  house was finished in Novem
2006. The river is approximately 250 feet from the house. There is
no road between the house and the river. The scenery is
spectacular, and our deck is a wonderful vantage point to witness
the different hues that are cast on the canyon wall during the day.

We are not a subdivision so the property is still "natural".  
Occasionally, wonderful wildlife  ambles down to the river. You are
welcome to take as many pictures as you like, however, please no
firearms! You might like to fly fish the shallows for rock perch or
small bass (catch and release, please) or just sit and relax in the
shallows .

    Bird watching is a joy!  Be sure to keep your camera ready.
Our vacation home  is open to persons who enjoy  being outdoors.  The
grounds are natural.
 Spring flowers are usually in full bloom in April or early
May and last through late June or early July. We supplement the native
plants by sowing native flower seeds which attract butterflies and humming

The river at its deepest is about 4 feet deep so it is perfect for young
children. The shallows allow exploring for tadpoles, minnows, small perch,
and bass.  Of course, adults may just want to float in place and listen to the
wonderful rapids and canyon sounds.

We are 9 miles west of The Store in Hunt, TX   on Highway 39 and therefore
close to area camps
such as Mystic, Heart of the Hills and La Junta. Camps
on the north fork such as Waldemar and Camp Stewart take about 15
 No other cabins are on the 6 acres.  It is a perfect place to stay  
and have your own private use of the beautiful Guadalupe River.
Walkers and cyclist  love this area for its winding roads, beautiful
landscapes and scents of native mint growing in the river.  Lost Maples
State Park is a
30-45 minute  as is  the quaint German town of
Fredericksburg which has wonderful shopping all year round and the first
class Nimitz Museum and challenging Enchanted Rock.

Visit the "tab" House and Rates for other tourist attractions.

Come relax and enjoy the unique beauty of this hill country haven.

                                                                    Fay Peters
Luck of the Draw
A Texas Hill Country Private Retreat
Hunt, Texas 78024
Contact: 832-524-8173

Austin - 2.5 hours
San Antonio - 1.5 hours
Houston - 5 hours
Kerrville - 30 minutes
Luck of the Draw
Canyon Wall
in popular magazines
(Alias La Casita Bridge -
Hunt, TX)
"I had no idea Texas could be so beautiful !"
Hunt, Texas Vacation Cabin Rental

We are taking
reservations for the
March - August 2019

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The house is approximately 250
feet from the river. The deck is a
great vantage point to see wildlife
or kids playing in the river. There
is no road between the house and
the river.
Pictured above is La Casita
Crossing. The large canyon wall
faces the cabin.
Plenty of counter space to serve
family and friends
Super Moon
Summer 2018
"The river was wonderful – the mornings
spectacular.   It was probably one of the
best times I have had with the kids in ages.  
Thank you again for the use of your home –
it was just what the doctor ordered.  Take
care and I hope we get to spend some time
again at LOD.